Support Groups


MOTHERCRAFT: /mə-t͟hər/kraft/ (noun) The is the skill in or knowledge of looking after children as a  mother.

Come gather with other like minded moms to gain support, knowledge and friendship in a safe space with your babies. Mothers with children of all ages are welcome! * This support group is also offered in Español!

Cloth Diapering 101-

Weather you’re ready to dive down the cloth diaper rabbit hole, just want to cloth diaper part time or want to know what kinda hippie magic this cloth diapering thing is. We got you! In our Cloth Diapering 101 Class we’re going to talk about:  *The benefits of cloth diapering , *Types of cloth diapers, *Cost of cloth diapers (compared to disposables)

LGBTQ Parent Support Meet Up-

Creating a safe space for LGBTQ+ parents, prospective parents, and caregivers to meet, support their peers, and explore shared concerns. Come share your experiences in a space where you can speak openly and be heard.
Being LGBTQ+ parents we all share common life situations, experiences, and challenges- so let’s help ourselves by helping each other. This group is not only a place to express concerns, it is also a space to just TALK and meet other queer families in the community. This group is hosted and moderated by a fellow queer parent. ❤️????????????????????

Breastfeeding Moms Support Group-

In Partnership with Buddah Belly Birth Services, we bring you breastfeeding support, encouragement and technical help from postpartum doulas and certified lactation counselors and international board certified lactation consultants. All parents are welcome for community and connection regardless of how they are feeding baby.

4th Trimester Support-

Mothering is both the best thing and the hardest thing most of us will ever do. Whether it’s your first baby or 6th it can often all seem so very heavy. BIG emotions. This beautiful little person is the center of everything.
This group is intended for moms and their babies from birth to 12 weeks aka the fourth trimester. We’ll discuss the highs, lows and all the stuff in between. Welcome to motherhood, you’re not alone! Pajamas welcome. Come sit on our couch.

Full Cycle Loss and Support-

Full Cycle bridges the gap in support for people experiencing miscarriage, stillbirth and termination. We would like to invite anyone seeking a loving and supportive space to talk about their experiences to join us in person for open discussion on how loss has affected their lives. Wherever you are in your loss journey, we welcome you with open arms, open ears, and always, open hearts.

Prenatal Yoga & Midwife Support-

Please join us for a wonderful and relaxing prenatal yoga session where you can work on positions that get you and baby ready for labor. Yoga will be followed by a group chat with Johanna, a certified nurse midwife and women’s health nurse practitioner. Together you will talk all things pregnancy! From health and nutrition to mental wellness and self care.

Early Childhood Education


Baby Party Time- Ages 0-2

We will explore songs, movement, and sensory experiences to delight the senses of our littlest friends.
Sharing a class with a caregiver helps babies to integrate language, regulate their emotions, develop gross and fine motor skills, explore social interaction, and strengthen attachment.

Sensory Saturday- Ages 1-5

Get ready to get messy, while exploring sensory activities that are specifically for awaken the child’s senses. Children will explore life through play and sensory.

Preschool Play- Ages 3-6

Encouraging kids to have a lifelong love for play, learning and exploring nature.  Each month will be a new theme that will include hands on STEAM based activities each week.

Toddler Throwdown- Ages 2-5

Join us as we lead our fearless toddlers every Wednesday afternoon, for a fulfilled hour of dancing, music, stories, crafts and more.

Brown Baby Play Group-Ages 0-6

Come gather with other melanated babies for some learning, fun & adult conversations. Join us for songs, stories, crafts and some free play. This group is targeted for children and their caregiver both a play group and support circle for all black and brown families.


*** The Roots is always looking for new ways to engage with the community and adopt new classes and support groups. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer, spearhead a new group or even just have an idea for a new group.