Sprout & Play : Rooted in Play Style Playdate @ the Roots

Event Description:

Join us for “Growing Together: Rooted in Play Style Playdate @ the Roots,” Sponsored by our good friends at Rooted in Play. A unique and enchanting outdoor play experience designed for children aged 1-7. Held every other Friday at 1 pm, starting January 19th, this event promises a world of unstructured play, exploration, and imagination in the heart of nature.

Event Highlights:

Loose Part Materials: Immerse your little ones in the wonders of open-ended play with a variety of loose parts. From natural elements like sticks, stones, and leaves to repurposed items, these materials will spark creativity and endless possibilities.

Unstructured Play: Let your child’s imagination take the lead as they engage in unstructured play. The Roots will be transformed into a haven where children can invent, build, and play freely, fostering a sense of autonomy and self-expression.

Child-Led Adventures: Our playdate embraces the magic of child-led adventures. Whether it’s constructing a fort, engaging in sensory activities, or creating nature-inspired artwork, each child will chart their own course in this immersive outdoor setting.

Event Details:

Date and Time: Every other Friday, starting January 19th, at 1 pm.
Location: The Roots (exact location details provided upon registration).
Age Group: 1-7 years old.
Registration: Secure your spot by registering in advance. Limited spaces are available to ensure an intimate and enriching experience.

Why Unstructured Play?
Unstructured play is the cornerstone of healthy child development. It encourages creativity, problem-solving, and the development of critical skills such as decision-making and emotional regulation. By allowing children to explore and create in an unstructured environment, we promote self-discovery and a lifelong love for learning. “Growing Together: Rooted in Play Style Playdate @ the Roots” is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of the boundless potential that lies within every child, waiting to sprout and flourish. Join us on this journey of growth, connection, and pure, unbridled joy.

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Mar 01 2024


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Community Roots Collective
2915 N Blvd Tampa, FL 33602


Community Roots Collective
(813) 515-0825
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